Simple GWA To Percentage Calculator Philippines

GWA To Percentage Calculator
GWA to Percentage Calculator

GWA to Percentage Calculator

Discover the GWA to Percentage Calculator – your go-to helper when your dream school asks for percentages instead of the usual Grade Weight Average (GWA). Feeling stressed about the switch? No worries! This online calculator makes it super easy. Just a click and your GWA turns into a percentage. Before calculating the percentage, it’s essential to have an accurate GWA. You can use our easy-to-use GWA calculator for this purpose.

When you’re going for scholarships, internships, or job applications where they care about percentages, expect questions about your GWA percentage. Keep it simple—just plug in your GWA, click to calculate, and there’s your percentage. It’s an easy way to show off your achievements on your CV or transcript.

Formula Of GWA To Percentage Calculator

Use this free tool to easily convert your GWA to a percentage. The tool does the math for you, making it quick and accurate. The formula is easy, but lots of students struggle with it. The tools keep track of your grades and figure out the percentage for you, and you can use it wherever needed. To find your percentage, use this formula:

Percentage = (Your GWA / Maximum GWA) × Maximum Percentage

Just plug in your GWA and the maximum GWA and percentage into the formula to get your percentage. Remember: If you’re comfortable with math, you can calculate your percentage using this formula based on your results.

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How to use the GWA To Percentage Calculator Philippines

Easily turn your GWA into a percentage by following these steps with our calculator. It works accurately if you are well aware of the grading system in Philippine colleges.

GWA To Percentage Calculator
  • Input your exact General Weighted Average (GWA) achieved in your course.
Input your exact GWA
  • Click the “Calculate Button” after entering your exact GWA. The calculator will process the information and provide the precise percentage.
Click the calculate percentage
  • Once the exact “Percentage is Displayed“, you can confidently use it on any of your academic records.
percentage is displayed

If you can check another percentage, click the “Reset Button“. The previous figures will be reset, and then you can proceed with another calculation.

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Benefits of GWA To Percentage Calculator Philippines

  • Precision at Your Fingertips: Say goodbye to errors with our tool for accurate percentage calculations.
  • Instant Results, Every Time: Get your percentage in seconds! A time-saving solution for everyone
  • Effortless Operation: No expertise required! Convert your GWA to a percentage with a simple click.
  • Chart Your Academic Course: Planning for International Scholarships? Let our tool help you calculate and estimate your percentage for a smooth academic journey.

Things to Keep in Mind When Converting GWA into Percentage

  • Rounding Numbers Is Not the Same Everywhere: Schools may round off grades differently. Understand your school’s rounding rules for an accurate percentage conversion. You can take a look to accurately calculate GWA in Senior High School (SHS).
  • Courses Can Weigh Differently: Some subjects count more in certain schools, affecting the overall grade and percentage. Be aware of these differences in how courses are valued.
  • Letters Instead of Numbers: Some institutes use letters, not numbers, for grades. Figure out how these letters match up with percentages to get it right.
  • How They Evaluate You: Think about how your institute checks your work. Every institute has its way, so understand it to convert your grades correctly.
  • Different Ways of Grading: Educational institutes have different grading methods. Look into your DepEd grading system to find the right way to convert.


Our GWA to percentage calculator is a super easy tool. It helps you change your Grade Weighted Average (GWA) into a percentage without any fuss. With just a couple of clicks, you can find out your percentage quickly and accurately. It’s perfect for students and teachers, making academic math simple.


How do you calculate GWA in percentage?

To calculate your Grade Weighted Average (GWA) in percentage, multiply your GWA by 100.

What is the equivalent of a 1.75 grade?

A 1.75 grade is equivalent to a percentage range typically between 82.5% and 85%.

How do I convert my GWA to GPA?

To convert GWA to GPA, use the scale provided by your institution. Assign the corresponding GPA value based on your GWA.

Does the GWA to percentage converter give accurate answers?

The accuracy of a GWA to percentage converter depends on the formula used. Ensure the converter follows the standard calculation of multiplying GWA by 100 for accurate results.

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