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Keeping track of academic performance is essential in this fast-paced world of academia. In the Philippines, the students need to understand and calculate their General Weighted Average. To make this process efficient and easy to access, the GWA Calculator emerges as a useful tool.

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So, say goodbye to manual calculations and effortlessly calculate your grades for college and universities (Pisay, Bulsu, Myuste) with just a few clicks. Welcome to our GWA Calculator website!

Grade Weighted Average and Its Importance

General Weighted Average (GWA) plays a crucial role in college education. It is a metric used in the Philippines to assess a student’s academic performance by considering the grades obtained in all courses and their corresponding units.

It provides a comprehensive overview of a student’s overall performance throughout their college journey. By calculating the GWA, students, academic institutions, and potential employers can get accurate insights into an individual’s scholastic achievements.

The GWA is also very useful to decide if one can grab a fully funded scholarship or top spot in the high school because most academic institutions mention their minimum GWA requirement to get admission there.

Additionally, a good GWA not only shines in your mark sheet but also helps you get highly-paid jobs. Do you also want to score a high GWA and want to know how you can calculate it? Let’s dive into the following section to understand GWA calculation.

 How to Calculate GWA in College?

In the Philippines, college students calculate the GWA by adding the weighted grades of all subjects and dividing them by the total number of units (credit hours). 

Now, you might be thinking about how the weight of every subject is calculated. Let’s understand the whole process with the help of two examples – a basic example and a challenging example.

Suppose you are a first-semester student taking three courses: English, Mathematics, and Psychology. Let’s see how to compute GWA now!

NOTE: The following example uses the 100-point Grading System that is used in the Philippines.

Step 1: Input all scores and units.

Input all scores and units

Step 2: According to the college grading system in the Philippines, assign alphabetical grades and corresponding numerical values to each course.

CourseScoresAlphabetical GradeNumerical ValueUnits
Assign Alphabetical Grades and Numerical Values

Step 3: Compute the weighted value for each course and write them into the table. The weighted value for each course is computed by multiplying the numerical value by the number of units.

CourseScoresNumerical ValueUnitsWeighted Value
English901.7531.75 x 3 = 5.25
Mathematics921.7541.75 x 4 = 7
Psychology802.7532.75 x 3 = 8.25
Compute the weighted value

Step 4: Calculate the total of Units and Weighted Values.

CourseGradesNumerical ValueUnitsWeighted Value
English901.7531.75 x 3 = 5.25
Mathematics921.7541.75 x 4 = 7
Psychology802.7532.75 x 3 = 8.25
Calculate the total of Units and Weighted Values

Step 5: Calculate GWA

GWA =Total of All Weighted Values sum of units = 20.5 10 =2.05

Let’s take another example, where each of your courses has a specific weightage for quizzes, assignments, midterm, and a final exam. How to calculate the General Weighted Average for each course now? Let’s find it out below:

Step 1: Input all scores and number of units (credit hours).

CourseQuizzesAssignmentsMidtermFinal ExamUnits
scores and number of units

Step 2: For each course, assign weights to quizzes (30%), assignments (20%), midterm (25%), and final exam (25%). Then, calculate weighted values for quizzes, assignments, midterm, and a final exam. Once calculated, insert them into the table.

Quizzes: 90 x 0.30 = 27
Assignments: 85 x 0.20 = 17
Midterm: 88 x 0.25 = 22
Final Exam: 78 x 0.25 = 19.5

Quizzes: 92 x 0.30 = 27.6
Assignments: 88 x 0.20 = 17.6
Midterm: 90 x 0.25 = 22.5
Final Exam: 95 x 0.25 = 23.75

Quizzes: 80 x 0.30 = 24
Assignments: 75 x 0.20 = 15
Midterm: 85 x 0.25 = 21.25
Final Exam: 82 x 0.25 = 20.5

CourseQuizzes (30%)Assignments (20%)Midterm (25%)Final Exam (25%)Units
English271722 19.53

Step 3: Calculate the GWA for each course and insert it into the table. It is calculated by adding all weighted values (weighted quiz, assignment, midterm, and final values) for each course and dividing by the total weight or percentage of all categories (quiz, assignment, midterm, final exam, etc.).

English: 27 + 17 + 22 + 19.530+20+25+25= 85.5100= 0.855

Mathematics: 27.6 + 17.6 + 22.5 + 23.75 30+20+25+25= 91.45100= 0.9145

Psychology: 24 + 15 + 21.25 + 20.5  30+20+25+25= 80.75100= 0.8075

CourseQuizzes (30%)Assignments (20%)Midterm (25%)Final Exam (25%)Weighted ValueUnits
English271722 19.50.8553
Calculate the GWA

Step 4: Calculate the Overall GWA for all courses.

CourseWeighted ValueUnitsTotal Weighted Value(weighted value * units)
English0.85530.855 x 3 = 2.565
Mathematics0.914540.9145 x 4 = 3.658
Psychology0.807530.8075 x 3 = 2.4225
Calculate the Overall GWA for all courses

GWA = Total of All Total Weighted Values sum of units = 8.6455 10 =0.86455≈ 0.865

Looking for a mathematical formula to handle any scenario? Here it is:

GWA = i=1n(WeightedGradei * Units)i=1nUnitsi

In the above formula:

  • n – denotes the number of courses
  • WeightedGradei It is the weighted grade (weighted value) for the ith course.
  • UnitsiIt represents the number of units or credit hours for the ith course.
  • i – It starts from 0 and goes up to n.

This calculation takes much time if we do it manually; this is where GWA Calculator comes into the picture, to make your task easy and efficient.

 How to Use GWA Calculator Online?

Follow the given steps to calculate GWA online:

Step 1: Visit the GWA calculator website.

Step 2: Input the course details, as shown below.

Input the course details

You can add more courses by clicking on the Add Subject button. See the following screenshot:

Add Subject button

Step 3: Click the Calculate button to get the GWA instantly.

Click the Calculate button

You can do other operations, such as Remove to remove a course and Reset to reset the calculator.

Step 4: Interpret the GWA Result

As soon as you hit the Calculate button, you will see your GWA on the screen. This value denotes your General Weighted Average and shows your overall academic performance. Remember, the lower the GWA, the better the performance.

Benefits of Calculating GWA Online

Why should you prefer calculating GWA online rather than manually? There are multiple benefits of using it, some of which are given below:


Assume, you are calculating the GWA to decide where to apply for a scholarship. A small mistake in the calculation can prevent you from getting admission to your favorite college.

Yes, manual approach and formula-based GWA calculators are prone to human errors; just one point here and there can make or break your academic goals.

This is where the online overall GWA calculator comes into play because it provides accurate results within seconds and without any human intervention.

Additionally, these online calculators are updated with the time, which removes the bugs and increases accuracy.

User-friendly Interface and Accessibility

Anyone who has a smartphone or PC with an internet connection can use it from the comfort of their home. You do not need any guidance about how to use it because its graphical user interface is user-friendly and easy to understand for all.

It does not matter whether you are tech-savvy or not, if you have the necessary course information, you can use it easily without any stress.

Additional Features 

Online applications for calculating GWA often offer additional features to enhance the user experience. These may include saving and storing previous GWA calculations, allowing for multiple semesters or academic years, and providing graphical representations of GWA trends. A GWA generator is a useful tool in these applications for efficiently calculating and tracking your Grade Weighted Average.

Saves Time

Manual calculations are prone to errors and take a lot of time because doing anything wrong can lead to starting calculations from the first step again. This is where the online GWA computation tool becomes your savior and frees up a lot of time.

GWA to Percentage Calculator

In some cases, students may need to convert their GWA to a percentage scale for specific purposes. Here’s an overview of the GWA to percentage conversion:

Introduction to the GWA to percentage conversion: The GWA to percentage conversion provides a representation of academic performance on a percentage scale.

Conversion formula and calculation example: The conversion formula may vary, but a commonly used method involves multiplying the GWA by a conversion factor and then multiplying the result by 100.

Example: If the GWA is 2.43, the conversion could be calculated as (2.43 * Conversion Factor) * 100.

It’s important to note that the specific conversion factor may vary depending on the institution or conversion table used.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the equivalent GPA of a 1.00 GWA?

The equivalent GPA of a 1.00 GWA varies depending on the GPA scale used by the institution. However, a 1.00 GWA is generally considered an outstanding academic achievement.

What is the passing GWA in the Philippines?

The passing GWA in the Philippines is typically 3.0 or higher, although it may vary depending on the specific academic institution or program.

Do all schools in the Philippines use the same grading system for calculating GWA?

While there is a general framework for calculating GWA in the Philippines, the specific grading system and scale can vary among different schools and universities.

How does GWA affect scholarships and academic standing?

GWA often plays a significant role in determining eligibility for scholarships, awards, and academic standing. Many institutions set specific GWA requirements for these opportunities.

Can GWA be improved or changed after graduation?

Once a student graduates, their GWA is typically considered final and cannot be changed or improved. However, GWA calculations during the academic journey can be improved by performing well in subsequent semesters.

GPA vs. GWA: Are They the Same?

No, they are not the same. You can read it in detail here.

How to Convert GWA to GPA?

Converting GWA to GPA is a step-by-step process; you can refer to that here.

How often should I calculate my GWA?

It’s beneficial to calculate your GWA at the end of each semester or academic year to stay informed about your academic progress and identify areas for improvement.

How does the GWA Calculator Philippines determine grades?

The GWA Calculator Philippines determines grades using the DepEd grading system, which includes components like written work, performance tasks, and quarterly assessments.


In conclusion, understanding and calculating GWA is important for college students in the Philippines. GWA provides an overall assessment of academic performance, and its calculation involves considering grades and units. Using GWA calculator tools can simplify the process, save time, and ensure accuracy. GWA plays a significant role in scholarships, academic standing, and career opportunities. Therefore, it’s essential to grasp the concepts, use the available tools, and appreciate the value of GWA in academic and professional contexts.

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