Updated PUP Grading System in the Philippines 2024

PUP Grading System

Today, let’s explore the academic life at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) Grading System. Now, let’s discuss the PUP grading system. It’s more than numbers on a page; it reflects PUP students’ hard work and dedication. PUP’s long history has allowed it to have a lasting impact on Filipino youth, providing opportunities and knowledge for those who want to pursue higher education. Students can easily Calculate Their GWA at PUP with our GWA Calculator.

Overview of the PUP Grading System in the Philippines

Discovering how the PUP Grading System works is like figuring out a new language, but no need to stress—I’m here to help! At PUP in the Philippines, they have a special way of grading that looks at how well students are doing in their studies. It’s not just about exams; they also consider assignments, class involvement, and important projects. So, let’s unravel this academic puzzle together and see how PUP grades can guide you toward success! Check Out For More Details About the University of the Philippines Grading System.

PUP Grading System

PUP Grading System – Grades Classification

1.591-93Very Good
1.7588-90Very Good
Grades Classification

 At PUP, grades are more than just letters; they’re badges of honor that represent your academic journey. From the coveted ‘1.0’ for that near-perfect score of 97-100%, signaling ‘Excellent’ performance, to the ‘5.0’ that nobody wants to talk about (yes, that’s a fail), each grade has its story.

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PUP Grading Terms

An “Incomplete” (INC) mark is given to a student who may qualify for passing but has not completed certain requirements. This mark must be satisfied within one year from the end of the term; otherwise, it becomes a “5”

If you decide to quit a class at least two weeks before the exams, you’ll get a ‘W‘ (Withdrawn) grade. The same grade goes to students who a teacher removes from the class because they’ve missed too many classes. Now, let’s talk about how grades are calculated.

Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) Academic Systems


The PUP Student Information System (SIS) is like the tech wizard behind everything at the university. It handles everything from signing up for classes to getting your grades. This system shows how PUP is serious about bringing technology into education, so students can access their academic info.

PUP College Grading System:

Each college at PUP might have its way of grading, designed to match what each program needs and teaches. Whether you’re studying frogs in Biology or checking out market trends in Business, the PUP college grading system makes sure the way they grade you fits with what you’re learning. This helps measure your academic skills. Check out more details about the college grading system in the Philippines.

PUP Open University System:

PUP Open University System has a flexible option. The grading system in PUP is just as strict, making sure that even if you’re learning from a distance, you’re held to the same high standards as those studying on campus. This shows how PUP is serious about making education accessible to everyone.

PUP Grading System Undergraduate:

Hey undergrads, let’s chat about the PUP Grading System Bachelor’s Degree – It guides you through the ups and downs of your bachelor’s degree. From your first-year nerves to your last-year victories, it’s with you all the way. It’s not about passing; it’s about doing well in every part of your undergrad journey. And why does it matter? Well, it affects not only your grades but also your chances for scholarships, internships, and even jobs after graduation. So, understanding this grading system PUP is important as you go through your undergrad journey at PUP.

Navigating Through PUP’s Grading Scale and Categories

The PUP grading scale is like a precise tool that measures how well you’re doing in your studies. It categorizes your performance from ‘Excellent’ to ‘Fail’ based on specific percentage ranges. Think of it as hitting the right notes on a musical scale, each grade mirrors your efforts. PUP’s grading categories make sure your work is on track, helping you succeed like a perfect melody in a song.

PUP Grades Requirements

Meeting the PUP grades requirements is like playing the right keys in tune – it’s crucial for building a smooth academic record. It’s not just about passing; it’s about doing your best. These requirements show the standard for doing well in your studies and help you stay on course to reach your educational goals.

PUP Latin Honors: Reaching for Excellence

Striving for Latin honors at PUP is like aiming for the stars – it’s a big goal that needs dedication, hard work, and great grades. The PUP grading system has clear rules for earning honors, and achieving this recognition can open doors to exciting opportunities in further studies and careers.

Understanding Your Academic Standing at PUP

Your academic standing at PUP is like your academic reputation. It sticks with you throughout your time at university. Keeping a good standing is important because dropping below certain standards can put you on academic probation. Consider it a friendly nudge to boost your grades and align your focus. It’s a system crafted to guide you toward success on your academic journey.

What is the Grade Appeal Process at PUP

The Grade Appeal Process at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) enables students to contest their grades if they believe there was an unjust assessment. To engage in this process, students can usually reach out to the academic services department or follow the guidelines outlined by the university for grade appeals.

PROPOSED PUP Student Handbook

The PUP Student Handbook is like your academic best friend, filled with all the important rules and tips for university life. Inside, you’ll find everything from how grades work to the rules you need to follow. Think of it as your trusty map for navigating the academic adventure at PUP and your key to not just surviving but thriving in this educational jungle.


To sum it up, the PUP Grading System at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines is like a helpful guide. It gives clear grades and you can see them quickly using the Student Information System. It’s not just about grades – it shows how you’re growing and trying in your education journey at PUP. So, be proud of your grades & enjoy learning.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the PUP Grading System?

The PUP Grading System refers to the grading scheme adopted by the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) to assess and evaluate the academic performance of its students. It includes the assignment of grades based on students’ performance in various assessments such as exams, projects, and class participation.

How can I calculate my GPA at PUP?

To calculate your GPA at PUP, multiply the grade points of each course by the number of units, sum up these values, and then divide by the total number of units. The formula of GPA = Σ(Grade Points * Units) / ΣUnits.

What is 2.25 grade in PUP?

In the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) grading system, a grade of 2.25 is typically equivalent to a “Good” standing.

How does the PUP Grading System work?

PUP uses a number scale to give grades, like A, B, or C. The rules for grades may be a bit different in each class, but usually, they look at things like tests, quizzes, homework, and if you come to class. You get your overall grade at the end of each semester or term.

Is it possible for a student to redo an exam to boost their grade?

Unfortunately, the system doesn’t allow students who have already passed a subject to retake an exam for grade improvement.

Where can I get more info about PUP grading?

For more details on PUP grading, check the official PUP website [https://www.pup.edu.ph/gs/Grading] or contact the academic services department.

Is there a grade appeal process at PUP?

Yes, PUP provides a grade appeal process for students who believe they have been unfairly graded.

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